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Kyirong Zongka Tour


Kyirong Zongka TourDay 01: Arrival in Lhasa airport, pick up and drive 60 Km to Lhasa city. O/N at Lhasa Gang Gyen hotel.

Day 02-03: Sightseeing of Potala palace and Jokang Temple and Barkhor market, Sera and Drepung monasteries.

Day 04: Drive Lhasa to Gyangtse ( 260 KM ) southeast of Lhasa on the northern bank of Nyangchu River . It takes around 8 hours to reach Gyangtse crossing the Kampala Pass ( 4800m ) via Yamdrok Lake and Mt. Nanchen Kangsar Glacier.Dzongri hotel

Day 05: Morning sightseeing in Gyangtse Khubum and Pelkor monastery then drive to Shegatse. (Khubum Choten and Monastery was built in 15th century by Rabten Kunsang and first Penchen Lama. Afternoon sightseeing Tashilonpo Monastery which was built in 1447 by first Dalai Lama.Holy land hotel

Day 06: Drive to Lhatse via Sakya Monastery ( 210 KM ) it takes about 5 hours. The Sakya Monastery tradition is one of the four main Buddhist schools in Tibet . It was the monastery from where the whole of Tibet was governed during the period of the Sakyapa hegemony (1268- 1365) and even now there are buildings of historic important to be seen. Overnight at Guest House.

Day 07: Drive to Ngamring Country, the country is capital of Ngamring located to the north east of Gekha on a turn off, ( 60 KM ) from Lhatse, and ( 240 KM ) from Saga. After crossing the Brahmaputra at Lhatse Chaksam bridge, the recent construction of which has put an end to the adventure of the ferry crossing, Ngamring road ascends a rocky river valley, with mount Yakri (Yakpo Gangri, 5614 meters,) to the north east and the bridge over blue water of Lake Langtso to the south. A large valley leads up to Ghekha township ( 53 KM ) from Lhatse.

Day 08: Drive Ngamring to Chung Riwoche ( 60 KM ) it takes about 2 hours to Chung Riwoche at night camping.

Day 09: Sightseeing of Chung Riwoche stupa. (The stupa of Chung Riwoche overlooks the Barhmaputra, from its vantagepoint at the base of mount Pal Riwoche and the ruins of Chung Riwoche monastery. It was constructed during the period 1449-56 and had associations with both the Sakyapa school and Tangtong Gyelpo 's own Chang Tsammpa tradition. At night camping.

Day 10: Drive from Chung Riwoche to Ralung Chotsen via Ngamring Kyetso ( 120 KM ) it takes about 5 hours. Overnight camping (Ralung Choten means Hot spring).

Day 11: Drive to Saga ( 166 km ) it takes around 4 hours. (Saga country in North Lato is the region occupied by the upper Brahmaputra and its tributaries: the Rukyok Tsangpo and Kyibuk Tsangpo. The country's capital is located at Kyakyaru, 58 km from the Raga junction on the North Lato or Lhatse road, 105 Km from Dzongka on the Zhangmu or south Lato road, and 146 Km from Drongpa on the southern route Mount kailash . Night at Guest house

Day 12: Drive to Kyirong Zongka ( 66 KM ) it takes 2 hours. Kyirong country in South Lato occupies the valleys of the Kyirong Tsangpo River (Trishuli) and its tributaries as well as the adjacent Gungtang-Chu headwaters and the basin of Lake Pelkhu Tso . To South straddling the Tibet - Nepal border lie the mighty snow peaks of the Himalayan range. Overnight at camping.

Day 13: Drive to Pelkhu Tso ( 60 km ) it takes about 3 hours at. ( Pelkhu Lake 4600 m ) And you seen Mt. Shisha Pangma ( 8013 m ). Overnight camping.

Day 14: Drive to Old Tingri ( 130 Km ) it takes about 2 hours. Tingri country occupies the upper reaches of the Bam-Chu (Arun) river, and the lateral valleys formed by its tributaries, the foremost of Ra-chu Tsangpo, and Lang Kor Gya-chu. It also includes the valley of the Rongshar Tsanpo and Lapchi Gang Tsangpo, which flow southwest into Nepal to join the Sunkosi river. The county is bordered on the south by the formidable barrier of the high Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, Makalu , and Cho Oyo. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 15: Drive to Zhangmu ( 180 KM ) it takes about 5 hours via Lalung la Pass ( 5124 m ) and via Melarepa Cave, the temple of Pengyeling monastery ( 44 KM ) south of the last Himalayan pass, was built around the sacred Namkading Cave of Milarapa cave, which overlooks the approach to the hidden valley of Lapchi Gang. The buildings are invisible from the motor road at road maker 683), some three Km below the highway and above the West Bank of the Matsang Tsangpo. Same day cross into the Nepal side.